A New Year and a New Me!

2014 running

Welcome to 2014, I hope and pray that you make this your best year yet. 


My running history is very limited.  In the past I always said the only way I would run was if the person that I couldn’t take on the guy that was chasing me.  Well times have changed, for I AM a runner.  It started in October of last year.  A Prattville Running Group I found had just started a C25K that would end on the Jingle Bell Run.  I said to myself, I’ve tried C25K three times in the past, and never completing one.  Peer pressure will surely help me, right?   So I went out and met a bunch of great people.  When we first started I was good running about a minute and a half… after that it was a struggle.  It wasn’t long after I was able to run and feel strong. ).  With the encouragement from Richard I was able to finish the C25K program.  I also wanted to get a sub 30 minute 5k, my previous PR was 34:27 back in 2008.  On December 7, 2013 our C25K group did the Jingle Bell Run and I ran the whole way and got a new PR and ran it under 30, my time was 29:20. 

Along the way, I read in a copy of Runners World Magazine about doing a Holiday Streak. The Holiday streak is where I committed to run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day.  I surprised myself; I was able to finish the 2013 Holiday Streak.  There were days I ran early in the morning, mid-day, late at night, in the cold, in the wind, and yes even in the rain (some cold rain at times.  Another thing I found along the way… the idea that I could do a half marathon.  I told Richard about me trying the Montgomery Half in October; he suggested trying the Centerpoint Half Marathon in March.  WOW March?!  He said sure.  So, the training begins.  On January 1st I ran the last day of the Holiday Streak, and now the focus is on Hal Higden’s Half Marathon Novice 1 training. It was a three mile run, as that is what the Half called for.  I was so happy to hear that my son wanted to join me.  We had a great run, about 34 minutes.   

Be Well, Be Happy, Be Healthy & Be Better!


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Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Another birthday coming up (Sept 30th  if you’re keeping track, if not… hint hint. Lol)  So I put in a request for some new running shoes.  We will be in Birmingham on Wednesday so I plan on going by Fleet Feet to get some new shoes. 

FF of B

I’ve heard good things about Fleet Feet in that they take their time in making sure the customer has the right shoe and the right size.  I figure between now and 5k time, it’ll give me plenty of time to get them good and broke in. 

Last time I ran was Wednesday last week.  My shins were screaming so I  have let them rest.  I hope the time has been enough.  I have been doing some chin-ups, attempting pull-ups.

I’ve been feeling so tried lately almost to the point of exhaustion.  But taking yesterday off I feel renewed and rejuvenated.  Looking forward to getting back to taking care of myself. 

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I Think I Can



As I have started tracking my mileage (the massive milage I’m logging) I’m using the app Map My Run (MMR).  Within in MMR there are ‘challenges’, and what did I do?  I entered two.  The first one is the Merrell Feel Your Run Challenge.  You need to log 30 runs in 45 days, from Sept 2nd – Oct 17th.  Doesn’t sound too bad, if I had started on Sept 2nd, the bad thing is I started on Sept 11th.  To date, I have logged a mere 4 runs.  That leaves 26 runs to log in the next 30 days.  I realize that at this point this is a fairly lofty goal.  Especially being a new runner, a new runner that does NOT want to get hit with any injuries, or over training.  For this time, this period… this is my goal.  I have a good running partner, hoever I think I’ll be losing him come the beginning of October.  So I need to focus, stay determined, disciplined, and dedicated… and I WILL get this done.

In an effort to get this goal done, I stopped off from the ER last night and at least walked 1.1 miles.   Hey, it’s moving!

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” – Tom Landry

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It’s Official

I got home, went on line and I did it!  I signed up for the Peppertree Turkey Burner 2013.  They say the first thing to do is sign up for a race…commmit, so I did.  Last time I ran this race was in 2008, and if I remember it was a brisk 28 degrees at race time brrrrr.  I want to beat my time from 5 years ago of 38:49.  My goal, is to sometime soon, get a sub 30 minute 5k.  So let the training, CONSISTENCY, rest and eating begin!


 Sport winter sports running jogging jogging r


Last night had a great run last night with my son. We usually will run a mile, and then mix it up by sprinting, walking, crossovers, backwards etc.  This time he called mile PLUS.  He wanted to go to the fence, which is a little over a mile.  Well we started getting close and said your call, we can to the next light post or the next one, how do you feel, you’re doing better than you feel.  On and on and on.  I wanted to gut punch him. In my mind I had already wanted to get to at least back to the finish of the lap (1.4miles) then I thought, oh no.  When I was in the Air Force we’d run at least 1.5 miles, so we started getting close to the start/finish line and I told him, we’re going another tenth of a mile, for 1.5 miles total.  We did it!  We ended up doing another 1.5 miles just mixing it up.  Felt great afterwards.  But I noticed that my body is letting me know that I’m not as young as I once was.  I really need to start stretching more.



And remember, “Be Well, Be Happy, Be Healthy & Be Better

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Fall Running


Well after more than a week. Okay, two weeks off I hit the track last night with my son.  I felt as though as I was running the first time ever.  I was sucking wind… asthma wheezing heat humidity.  It was awful.  We took three laps around Upper Kingston Park track.  We ran, walked, sprinted, crossover running, backwards just mixed it up.  We did 2.31 miles in 33:24 an average pace 14:24.  Not even close to where I want.  With this focus on running lately I’ve decided to run in a 5k that I did …WOW 5 years ago.  I will run in the Turkey Burner on November 23.  I’ve not been really running but I DO want to get my sub 30 minute 5k by the end of the year.  Back in 2008 my time for the Turkey Burner was a sad 38:49.  I do remember at race time it was less than 30 degrees. 


So stay tuned…… my better time is coming!

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Time to Focus


HELLO EVERYONE, the reason I yelled that was to be able to be heard over the rumbling of my stomach. I should have started this two days ago, but such is live. 


Today is the third and final day of The Military Diet.  If any of you have tried this then you know what this is.  It is basically a highly restricted calorie diet.  Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I was getting a headache, beginning to get irritable (if any of you know me that is NOT me), and tired. I will say that last night’s meal was filling.  It consisted of   two hotdogs, 1 cup of broccoli, half cup of carrots, then for dessert I got to have half banana and a half cup of vanilla ice cream. 


As of this writing I just got done eating my lunch, one hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast. 


If you wondering why I enduring this torment of eating, I shall tell you.  My son has a bet with me that in 90 days he can get under my weight.  When we started this little wager, he was weighing 215lbs and I was 208lbs. He is also on a quest to get under 20% body fat (hydro testing) so he can get in the fire department.  About a 6 weeks ago he was 23%.  I told him, while I was in Baltimore, that as soon as I get home I’d help him any way I could. SO he has dragged me out several times running, we’ve been eating better.  Last Wednesday he got “dunked” at 19.72%.  His weight was 208lbs, and I was 206lbs.  TOO CLOSE, btw, the bet is $150.00 (ish) on whatever we want.  So I decided I need to get a kick start.  


I’ll let you know tomorrow the outcome of this three day diet. 

Day 1 – 205.4

Day 2 – 203.2

Day 3 – 202.6


I’ll just really have to be careful once I come off of this. 


Be Well, Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Be Better!




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Start now…..because if you say tomorrow, tomorrow will turn in to never.

As my motivation is starting to get back on track I still look in the mirror and feel disgusted in what I see.  I know I’ve made progress but not as fast as I’d like, and I’m not near why I want to go.   I’ve heard this from a lot of people.  I’ve thought on this and have come up with a few things.  I AM better off than where I was a year ago.  If I did nothing for the past year, I’d feel even worse. So look at is this way…..


So I’m glad that I’ve come this far.  Also something else: how often have you heard of someone saying to someone that has not seen in a ‘while’, “wow, you look great you’ve lost weight”?  Or if someone hasn’t seen your children in a while, and they see them and their reaction is my how they’ve grown.  Why?  Because they haven’t seen them in a’ while’.  We look at ourselves every day, and in this day of technology of instant gratification we want, no, I’ll say we expect results overnight.  So I know I need to keep on, keeping on!  So I should not be discouraged nor should you because we don’t see overnight results.  Be patient and do what we know to do.

Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Happy Be Awesome!

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